Disqualified Directors Land Further Bans


Martyn Thackwell and Emrys Matthews, directors of Trimstar Limited, an industrial paint spraying company, have each been banned from acting as directors for a further 10 years for acting as directors when they were already disqualified. Dorothy Ann Matthews has also been disqualified for 4 years for allowing them to do so.


The disqualifications, which started on 2 January 2015, 7 January 2015 and 2 February 2015 respectively, also prevent Mr Thackwell (61), Mr Matthews (66) and Mrs Matthews (63) from directly or indirectly becoming involved in the promotion, formation or management of a company for the duration of the terms.


Mr Thackwell and Mr Matthews had been disqualified from acting as directors for 5 years from 23 August 2012 following the Liquidation of Abbey Coatings Limited.


They resigned as directors of Trimstar Limited on 22 August 2012, but continued to act as directors until the company went into liquidation on 15 November 2013.


Between 1 February 2013 and 15 November 2013 Dorothy Ann Matthews abrogated her responsibilities as director, allowing Mr Thackwell and Mr Matthews, whilst not formally appointed, to act as directors and in the management of Trimstar whilst they were disqualified.


Commenting on the disqualification, Susan MacLeod, Chief Investigator at The Insolvency Service, stated:
“When investigating companies’ affairs, the Insolvency Service does not just look at those listed as directors at Companies House. Anyone who acts as a director will be considered. If found to have been managing the company in breach of an existing ban, they can expect to be pursued rigorously and subject to an even longer ban.


“Directors who have little to do with the running of a company should also be aware that if they allow the company to be managed by others who are banned from acting as directors, they may be failing in their own obligations as company directors.”