Dogs Trust Bridgend’s longest term resident hopes to find love as lockdown lifts


Dogs Trust Bridgend is making a special appeal for their longest-term resident, Maddie, who has been waiting for a home since September last year.

The four-year-old Collie found herself in the care of the Pen-y-Fai centre after her owner passed away. Since then, she has had some interest but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be and the search continues for her forever home.

Since arriving at Dogs Trust Bridgend, Maddie has seen more than 250 of her canine companions head off to their forever homes. As lockdown lifts and restrictions ease, the staff are eagerly awaiting the day that she packs her bags to start her new life.

Angela Wetherall, Manager at Dogs Trust Bridgend, says: 


“Maddie is a wonderful girl but so far has yet to find her forever home. She is a firm favourite with her carers at the centre, but we’d really love her to find a home and family of her own.  She is a sensitive girl who does take time to trust new people. But the sure way to bond with her is through play – she’d play all day if she could!”

The team say that Maddie is looking for a home with patient owners who will be able to continue with her training in the home. She has come on leaps and bounds since being with at the centre but her new owners will need to be understanding and committed to helping her in situations she finds scary.

Angela continues: 


“Maddie finds other dogs, unknown people and visiting the vets unsettling but with the help of our training and behaviour team, she is making really good progress and we will be able to support new owners throughout the adoption process and beyond. Dogs Trust provides lifelong behavioural support for all our adopted dogs  to help make sure they can live their best life together with their family.  She has a condition with her hips which is managed with medication and limiting her amount of physical exercise. Because of her worry around seeing the vet, the team have done a great job at helping her cope with her reaction in the vets by building up a positive association with the muzzle. Her new owners will need to continue her muzzle training in the home. Maddie has such a lot to offer a family and, given time and patience, is sure to form a life-long friendship with her new owners. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Maddie in her forever home. She has bags of potential and will make a loving and rewarding pet for owners who are willing to take the time to work with her, and we will be by their side every step of the way.”

Maddie is hoping to find a quiet, adult-only, pet-free home where she can relax and take time getting to know her new surroundings. Her new home should ideally have few visitors or a quiet space when Maddie can retreat to if she needs it. A secure garden would be ideal so she can play until her heart’s content.

If you think you could give Maddie what she is looking for, or would like to help Dogs Trust change the tale for any of the dogs waiting for their forever homes, you can find out more at or call 0303 003 0000.