From bright and beautifully packaged Colomba cake to indulgent chocolate eggs and surprise treats, you’ll find something for everyone in Carluccio’s Easter range this year. Available online and in food shops nationwide from early March.


Colomba Tradizionale (750g, £13.95) – A classic centrepiece to Easter celebrations in Italy, the Colomba – meaning dove – is studded with candied peel, topped with hazelnut icing and sprinkled with almonds and sugar.

Dove-shaped Butter Biscuits (300g, £7.95) – Rich and crumbly biscuits that melt in the mouth.

Jar of Chocolate Eggs (600g, £12.95) – Brightly-coloured wrapped mini chocolate eggs with a soft cocoa filling, for the big and little kids! Available in a bag (200g, £5.95).

Easter Basket (260g, £9.95) – This adorable basket contains colourful foiled eggs and a selection of edible Easter characters including chocolate frogs, hens and farm animals

Chocolate Bunny (110g, £6.95 each) – Charming chocolate bunnies in milk, dark and white chocolate. Where else will you find chocolate bunnies in woolly jumpers?

Sugared Chocolate Eggs (150g, £5.95) – Dark chocolate eggs coated in a colourful crispy sugar shell.



Chocolate Egg in Cocoa Pasta Nest (350g, £15.95) – New for 2015 a hand decorated milk, dark or white chocolate egg in a nest of cocoa tagliolini pasta. A treat for chocolate and pasta lovers alike.

Sicilian Marzipan Lamb (170g, £12.95) – A Sicilian tradition – it simply wouldn’t be Easter without it!

Basket of Chocolate Eggs (120g, £7.95) – A delicious ‘clutch’ of milk, dark and white chocolate eggs.

Chocolate Hen and Eggs (200g, £8.95) – Sitting on a bed of smaller eggs, this delightful hen comes in white, dark and milk chocolate.

Foiled Chocolate Hens with Surprise (60g, £4.95 each) – Foiled milk chocolate hens, each comes with a surprise…what will your hen lay?


‘Boiled Egg’ (60g, £2.95) – Skillfully crafted by hand to look like the real deal. The milk chocolate shell is filled with gianduja and topped with white chocolate – it’s a cracking good egg!




As well as a beautiful range of Easter treats,  

Carlucccio’s will also be hosting biscuit-decorating classes for children to enjoy. The classes will be taking place at select restaurants nationwide on Tuesday 7th April and Wednesday 8th April at 10.30am or 4.00pm


£10 per child. Further details to be announced from Friday 6th March at: