ECB and Initial extend period dignity campaign across recreational cricket


The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Initial Washroom Hygiene (Initial) will now offer In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispensers to all grassroots clubs with girls’ sections across England and Wales.

The roll-out is a nationwide extension of the pilot programme that has been run across Derbyshire with the support of the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation.

ECB’s Head of Female Participation Tessa Whieldon said: “We’re delighted to be extending this offer to all cricket clubs with a girls’ section across England and Wales.

“The pilot programme in Derby has been successful, and it’s important for the game that we make our facilities and environments as inclusive as possible to allow people to feel that cricket is a game for them.

“Bringing period dignity to grassroots cricket is one step of many towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive sport and we’re proud to work alongside Initial on that journey.”

The In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispensers provide free and discreet access to period products within the toilet cubicle at the point of need for those who menstruate, and is central to the ECB’s and Initial’s strategic partnership, designed to bring period dignity to grassroots cricket.

Central to this new partnership is a shared ambition to ensure that menstruation is not something that holds back women and girls from being involved in sports.

The ECB is looking to involve all Women’s and Girls’ Cricket Development Officers from across England and Wales on this important journey. Educational material has been developed to help ensure menstrual cycle taboos are a thing of the past.

The drive to lower barriers to entry for women and girls in cricket is part of the game’s efforts to become the most inclusive team sport. It comes off the back of the formation of the Women’s Health Group – a group that includes medical experts and cricketers – which is surveying players and researching women’s health in sport to help improve the health, well-being, and physical performance of women’s cricketers.

The offer is available, on application, to ECB-affiliated clubs with a girls’ section, with a minimum of one girls’ team playing in either a soft-ball or hard-ball league or friendly. 

For more information visit: please contact your local Women’s and Girls’ Cricket Development Officer or follow this link.