Fashion done your way by Molly Dutton


I’m sat here in a beautiful cottage writing this month’s article and feeling very inspired by the stunning scenery around me. This might come as a surprise considering that the countryside isn’t usually credited for its sense of style, but this type of place offers inspiration for every topic, including fashion. The autumn season is upon us and that brings me a lot of happiness since autumn fashion was one of the main contributing factors in my love of clothing! People often think that autumn is the one of the least stylish seasons due to the need for layers of clothing which are thought of as ‘unflattering’. I would completely challenge this as I think there is something exciting about the way we can choose different items and make them complement one another when acting as layers in cold weather; if you select the right patterns and colours it can make a huge statement and also be a practical outfit in the case of rain. I have chosen autumn fashion as my topic for this month to talk about all the wonderful perks of wrapping up warm and wearing the dark and striking colours of the season.

Ethical jewellery company –  Nothing New by Ruthie Ru

However, before I discuss all of that I want to tell you all about a wonderful (and unique) ethical jewellery company that I have recently been introduced to through this article; Nothing New by Ruthie Ru. This fabulous company have just released a new range called Wrapped featuring a range of earrings in collaboration with Aesthetic Laundry, all focussed on their desire to produce ethically minded jewellery, which is hugely important when sustainability has never been needed more. I have recently had the pleasure of receiving their Rainbow Bracelet, which is a beautiful, colourful bracelet made from up-cycled vinyl. When manufacturing their earrings, they use tassels that have been saved from landfill sites which is a perfect example of how this modern brand are using recycled materials to uphold an environmentally friendly business. I love my bracelet and will be mentioning this brand to everyone who will listen because, as you will know if you’ve read some of my previous articles, I feel that being sustainable is something that we should all strive to be in the current climate and brands like this deserve all the recognition for their inspiring efforts to help the environment.

Almost every year around this time my mum usually tells me that I have a rather unhealthy obsession with coats and that I really don’t need to buy anymore. This is often followed by me proceeding to completely go against this advice and add another coat to my growing collection of autumn/winter garments (for the record, it’s very difficult to try and sneak a coat onto a rail that you share with the rest of your family, I wouldn’t recommend). Last year, when holidaying in the same place that I am currently, I was actually encouraged by my mum to purchase this gorgeous coat from a little shop that we’re both very fond of; this particular coat was a brown, faux fur ‘teddy jacket’ and let me just say that it was the warmest and cosiest thing I’ve ever owned, feeling like a comforting hug every time it’s worn. Usually I have a cost limit on single items, especially if they are the type of thing I know I might grow out of in a few years, but this coat was one of those items that lasts a very long time so I was willing to spend a lot more. When looking for a coat its important to look at the type that you’re buying and how often you are likely to wear it as this will help you to establish the money you want to spend on one. If you are looking for a formal coat, possibly for work or occasions, its better to spend more so there is no risk of a bad quality product that you’ll have to replace in a few years. However, if you just want one that you can wear occasionally as more of an accessory item there is no need to splash unnecessary cash. From my past experience the best brands to buy long lasting, high quality coats from are Vera Moda, New look and Ted Baker and I usually go to H & M or local charity shops to buy more affordable jackets (online shops are also the perfect place to pick up cheaper options but research the ethos of the brands as some rely on fast fashion).

Burgundy is considered an autumnal and very seasonal colour

Another favourite of mine from the autumn season isn’t an item at all, it’s a colour. Burgundy is considered an autumnal and very seasonal colour which I’ve found can be the perfect shade for many pieces of clothing, particularly dresses and evening wear. I can proudly admit that at one time I  owned only burgundy dresses which then expanded to include burgundy tops, trousers and skirts; the colour is complimentary of most other colours that you would expect at this time of year such as black, brown and beige which is why it has such a strong presence in my outfits from September onwards. The beauty is that it also looks wonderful as a makeup shade which is a slightly bolder choice but when executed well looks glamorous and apt for whatever event you’re going to. The best way to start incorporating burgundy into your daily makeup routine is through lipstick because it is always the easiest place to make bolder choices in colour compared to eyeshadow (and is much easier to apply if you’re just beginning to experiment). As burgundy has such a wide colour palette, the choice is there as to whether you want a dark, vampy shade or a more subtle, red toned shade and you can change it up as you go along! So, take a bit of a risk this month and have a go wearing this colour for me, maybe throw on a brand-new coat as well.

Until next month.

Molly Dutton x