Female drivers in Cardiff are Among the Most Aggressive Drivers in the UK


Women in Cardiff are among the most aggressive drivers in the country.

Results from an online test – designed to discover how angry motorists feel in a variety of different situations – has revealed that female drivers from the Welsh capital are the most volatile.

The Road Rage Ranker was created by Jennings Motor Group and, rather surprisingly, revealed that women generally feel more angry behind the wheel than men.

The misdemeanours highlighted in the test were:

·       Potholes in the road

·       Tailgating

·       Traffic jams

·       Road works

·       Drivers on the phone

·       Bad parking

·       Lorries overtaking (then travelling at same speed as the vehicle they are overtaking)

·       Drivers who don’t give way when they should

·       Motorists who keep their full beams on

·       People who hog the middle lane

Women in Cardiff scored 83 out of 100 in the annoyance stakes, with men scoring just 58.75.

Dale Gillespie, digital marketing manager for Jennnings Motor Group said:

We all know that road rage exists but we tend to think that men are more aggressive behind the wheel. Although women may not get into road rage fist fights, it is clear from these results that women can drive aggressively and get even more irritated by other motorists than men.”

The Road Rage Ranker works by sliding the pointer to the desired measurement of anger for top ten driving habits that drive people up the wall. Your scores are then compared to polled motorists to work out your Road Rage ranking!

If you need help tackling your road rage, Jennings Motor Group has also provided its top tips for keeping calm on the road…

– Use breathing tactics to keep calm – Deep, controlled breathing can help put things into perspective.

– Keep images on your dashboard to remind you what really matters

– Make sure get a good night’s sleep – You’re far more like to get irritated when you’re tired.

– Don’t take it personally – Bad drivers are equally annoying to everybody. Remember that you’re not the only one!

– Keep smiling! – A friendly demeanour helps to diffuse situations and makes you feel better on the inside as well!


You can take a look at the Road Rage Ranker here – http://www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk/road-rage-ranker/