Fitness experts reveal how to work out like Taylor Swift



It’s safe to say that the world has been in awe of Taylor Swift’s level of fitness since the Eras Tour began back in March last year. With each show lasting three hours, it’s no surprise that Taylor needs a rigorous fitness routine to prepare for such a physically challenging tour.


Experts at Mirafit, the fitness equipment supplier, have pieced together a comprehensive guide on how to work out like Taylor Swift.



After singing and dancing on-stage for three hours nearly every night, it’s no surprise that cardio is essential to Taylor’s workout routine. In an interview with Time, Taylor revealed that she runs on the treadmill daily while singing the entire Eras Tour setlist aloud.


The star confessed that she runs for faster songs and jogs or walks for slower songs.


To practice this at home, hop on the treadmill and try singing out your favourite Taylor hits, switching between running, jogging, and walking based on the track’s tempo.


Running is a brilliant way to strengthen muscles while improving cardiovascular fitness. Getting on the treadmill can also improve your mental health, reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.


However, it’s also important to note that taking a rest day between your runs is essential. While Taylor admits to training at the gym six days a week, it’s necessary to prioritise self-care in your fitness journey. Taking breaks between each run can reduce the risk of joint damage and pulled muscles.


At the risk of over-exertion, it’s also important not to push yourself to complete the three-hour workout straightaway and instead focus on building up your stamina day by day. For the first time, try out the Taylor-inspired treadmill workout for 25 minutes and see where you go from there.


Dance workouts  


In an interview with Time, Taylor revealed that she started taking dance training lessons before embarking on the Eras Tour. Accompanied by a team of backing dances, Taylor’s shows are filled with impressive and entertaining choreography, making the Eras Tour even more physically challenging for the singer.


Dance workouts are a fantastic and fun way to improve your stamina, strength, and coordination. There are countless dance workouts on YouTube, many of which are perfect for beginners. Various follow-along dance workouts are inspired by the Eras Tour setlist and choreography, making this an ideal addition to any Swiftie’s fitness routine.


Weight training 


As part of her Eras Tour workout, Taylor uses weights to focus on developing strength and endurance. Weight workouts are a beneficial way to strengthen your muscles, ultimately reducing the risk of injury.

For those more experienced with using weights in their workout routine, deadlifts are a hugely effective way to target your core, glutes, and hamstrings. For those less experienced with weight workouts, using dumbbells during squats and planks is also a fantastic way to build strength and improve cardiovascular health.


When using weights in your workout, it’s essential to know your own strength and not push yourself too far. Lifting weights that are too heavy can result in muscle strains, tendon damage, and other nasty injuries.


Core exercises 


In an interview with British Vogue, Kirk Myers, the singer’s personal trainer, revealed that Taylor’s goals were to work on strength and conditioning in preparation for the Eras Tour. While Taylor’s precise core workout is unknown, the singer posted a YouTube short that gave fans extra insight into the star’s workout routine.


Based on the short clip, Taylor seems to use Pilates-style exercises to target her core and glutes. The singer is captured using ankle weights on both legs and practicing some glute kickbacks. Glute kickbacks target all three glute muscles and strengthen your core and hamstrings, making them a fantastic exercise for your workout routine.


Other beneficial exercises for working your core include planks, reverse crunches, and bridges. When targeting your core, it’s important to leave at least one rest day between each workout to prevent sore muscles.


Breathing exercises 


In the interview with Vogue, Kirk Myers also revealed that Taylor does breathing exercises to strengthen her core during gym sessions. Despite being an unconventional core workout, breathing exercises are a great way to strengthen the diaphragm, pelvic floor, and other abdominal muscles.


Trying out some breathing exercises during a workout is also a great gateway into practicing mindfulness and meditation, which can effectively reduce stress levels and symptoms of anxiety. Yoga is a hugely beneficial exercise that focuses on breath control and makes you conscious of breathing during workouts.


A great breathing exercise to try is the belly breathing technique. This technique involves placing one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest as you breathe in and out through the nose to observe your belly filling with air.




Taylor rarely has days off from her tour, but her YouTube short reveals that she occasionally finds time for a round of pickleball. In the video, fans were quick to spot Taylor holding a paddle containing the logo of Travis Kelce’s NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs.


Pickleball is a hugely popular sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The sport is a fantastic cardio workout, which also avoids placing too much pressure on your joints. As well as improving balance and muscle strength, pickleball can also positively impact mental health, making it an enjoyable sport to play with friends.


A spokesperson from Mirafit has commented: 


“While Taylor is rarely able to take a rest day between her gym sessions and shows, it’s realistically crucial to practice taking a break between each workout. Pushing yourself too far can ultimately result in burnout, causing more harm than good to your fitness journey. It’s more important to stay consistent rather than overburdening yourself.


“To perform such energetic three-hour shows almost every night, it’s unsurprising that Taylor has such an intense workout routine. Keeping up strength and stamina has become essential to the singer’s lifestyle. Taylor has previously commented that she is determined to perform on stage regardless of sickness or injury. It’s safe to say that Taylor’s impressive fitness routine has a huge part to play in the success of the Eras Tour”.


This information was provided by experts at the fitness equipment supplier, Mirafit.