Get voting for ‘Women’s Mentor of the Year’ Award London Annual Acheivment Awards 27th March 2015 hosted by #APCTC.


APCTC awards

Today is the day to recognise someone special who has made a real difference to your life and to those around you. Or maybe it is you that has been doing the life changing for others?

On Friday 27th March 2015, The Association of Professional Coaches Trainers and Consultants (APCTC) are hosting the London 2015 Annual Achievement Awards.

They have 13 award categories in total and one award is specifically dedicated to recognising our amazing female role models:

– ‘Women’s Mentor of the Year’ Award

This award honours and recognises the outstanding contribution made by a women in her industry.

She may have overcome adversity and broken through the glass ceiling with determination and guts.

She is a huge inspiration and mentor for women through what she shares, does and teaches.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so make your nomination today!

Other coveted awards the Association are inviting the Damsels community to be nominated for are:

  • The Courage to Change Award
  • Outstanding achievement award
  • Therapist / Practitioner of the Year
  • Newcomer of the year
  • Specialist coach of the year
  • Speaker of the year
  • Health and well being coach of the year
  • Business coach of the year
  • Executive coach of the year
  • Trainer of the year

The APCTC Awards Ceremony is a gorgeous evening where people from our industry come together to celebrate and recognize the achievements of other who are fabulous role models, in their businesses and in their communities.

The awards are open to all to take part. So please don’t be shy  – this is your time to shine!

 You can nominate yourself or take the time to give back and nominate someone  who made positive change to your life or to those around you.

click here for all the details and to get started on your nomination