Get your geek on with BBC NOW, Red Dwarf’s Kryten and The Radiophonic Workshop


 Robert Llewellyn (otherwise known as Kryten from Red Dwarf) presents BBC National Orchestra of Wales’ Geek Musique [25 March, Cardiff] with music from the world of science fiction and cult TV, featuring The Radiophonic Workshop. 

Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn presents two concerts at St David’s Hall, Geek Musique: Sounds of Sci-Fi [3.30pm] and Geek Musique: Cult TV Classics [9pm]. BBC NOW, also known as the Doctor Who house band, will bring to life the extra-terrestrial, transport you to parallel universes, and explore the weird and wonderful corners of the retro TV schedule, conducted by Edwin Outwater.

Presenter Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn

Sounds of Sci-Fi – 3.30pm

BBC NOW’s afternoon concert journeys through ten sci-fi soundtracks including Star Wars; E.T.; Back to the Future; Planet of the Apes; Independence Day; Terminator; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Alien; and Avatar. The orchestra will also perform the rarely heard, unused film score for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Composed by Alex North, it wasn’t until the premiere that North found out that Stanley Kubrick had omitted his music!


Cult TV Classics – 9pm

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was a studio that was set up in the fifties in Maida Vale, where a group of composers came together to create new music and effects for radio and TV.  Peter Howell, Paddy Kingsland and Mark Ayres of The Radiophonic Workshop join BBC NOW in a performance of their music, featuring a bank of vintage synthesizers. BBC NOW visits the sounds of the sixties and seventies, performing a medley from the original BBC Doctor Who series, music from BBC Horizon documentary Space for Man and the Case of the Ancient Astronauts and a suite from The Changes (a 1975 BBC children’s sci-fi series). Cult TV Classics will also feature the music of Ceefax, HTV’s regional start up music and a selection of US detective classics including Diagnosis Murder, Cagney and Lacey, Murder She Wrote and Ironside.


BBC National Orchestra of Wales performs Geek Musique: Sounds of Sci-Fi [3.30pm] and Geek Musique: Cult TV Classics [9pm] on the 25 March at St David’s Hall. Tickets: £15-37. For further information and to book visit or call the BBC NOW Audience Line on 0800 052 1812.