Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer


Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to impress visiting friends, having a well-kept garden is important. Our gardens often get forgotten about during the winter months but now that spring time is here it’s the perfect opportunity to get back out in the garden and get it in good shape for the summer. Here are some of our top tips to help get you started…

  1. General Maintenance

Now winter has come to a close it’s time to get out and inspect the garden, identifying any damage that has been caused. It’s fair to say that after rain, snow and strong winds your garden might be showing some signs of wear and tear. Make a list of any damage and get to work making repairs so that you and your guests can enjoy your garden to its full potential over the summer.

Fences are often damaged over the winter by the wind so we would definitely recommend checking over these first. It’s also a good idea to remove any dead plants and weeds, cut the lawn, wash down your garden furniture and clean your patio. If you’re thinking about selling your home then ensuring your garden is tidy and well maintained is really important, it’s one of the first things a potential home buyer will see!

  1. Add Colour and Personality

Get creative and inject some personality into your garden. Colourful hanging baskets can instantly brighten up your garden. If you’re looking for design inspiration then take a look at garden designs on Pinterest – it is full of innovative ideas to try! There’s so much potential when it comes to garden design, from water features and outdoor furniture to summer houses and eye-catching flowers.

Gardening 3

  1. Install Lighting

Continue your family BBQs and garden parties late into the night by installing outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be picked up at an affordable price at a local DIY retailer and is available in a vast range of styles enabling you to pick out lighting which is going to look great, whether you’re looking for something contemporary or traditional.  Solar lights are a handy option and are powered by sunlight.

Gardening 2

  1. Water Butts

As the weather warms up it’s important to make sure your plants are still watered – a garden full of dead plants certainly isn’t appealing. Installing a water butt in your garden is a useful way of collecting rain water which you can use to water plants and therefore save water and keep your plants happy. Water butt kits are available from many DIY retailers.

  1. Enjoy Your Garden

Once the hard work is over and your garden is looking refreshed it’s time to spend some time enjoying your garden. Make the most of the (hopefully) warm weather and dine outside!  If eating outside isn’t your thing how about buying some garden games such as a badminton set or giant chess? A fantastic way to enjoy your garden with family and friends!


Start your garden makeover now and be ready for summer! Jobs big or small, if you’re looking for a local helping hand to get your garden looking great then find landscaping and gardening services in Cardiff using Tradesmenin – the online directory of local skilled traders.