Gwen is named Health Hero for April


A lady who has worked for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board for the past 54 years is named as Health Hero for April.

Gwen Bunn, from St Mellons who works in Health Records at the University Hospital of Wales was nominated by her supervisor Sam Prosser.

Sam Prosser, Request Team Supervisor in Health Records at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) said: “I would like to nominate Gwen Bunn for the Health Hero Award as she is a committed and valuable member of the Medical Records team.

“Gwen has worked within the health board since 1966 when she started in Cardiff Royal Infirmary in their accident and emergency department until they moved up to UHW.

“Gwen retired from the accident and emergency department in 2014, but returned to the health board the same year where she joined the Medical Records team as bank staff and has worked with us ever since.

“As part of her role Gwen goes around the hospital looking for medical records to send to other hospitals; and from that Gwen is recognised throughout the hospital as a hardworking, happy and helpful member of staff who’s willing to drop anything to help anyone.

“At 72 years of age Gwen will often walk close to 10 miles a day around the hospital tracking down records to send to Llandough, St David’s or CRI for clinics.

“Gwen has even overcome serious health issues during her time here, but you wouldn’t think it as she is one of the most active people in the hospital, running around with her trolley locating and collecting records. She is known for her amiable personality and will help anyone who needs it.

“Gwen is a constant source of positivity and sees the best in everyone, but doesn’t seem to recognise the amount of hard work she does, never seeking praise or accolades for her long term commitment to the NHS, and the health board as a whole.”

Gwen was shocked to be chosen as Health Hero for the month, she said: “I really don’t think I deserve to have this award, I’m only doing my job, there are far more worthy people than me to receive it.

“I loved working in A&E, we all used to do everything together, have breaks together, go away on trips, you really felt part of a family.

“I’ve always been fit and healthy, walking to and from work every day from St Mellons but I’ve also been on the other side of the hospital as a patient. I had a heart attack 10 years ago and was one of the first people to go through cardiac rehab and that really helped to get me back on my feet, they were amazed with my recovery.

“Also three years ago, I fainted, fractured my skull and had a brain injury, so I can really relate to what patients go through when they are in hospital.”

If you’d like to nominate a member of staff from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to be next month’s Health Hero, please email [email protected] with your story.

In recognition of being this month’s Health Hero, Gwen will receive a treat from our sponsors, Park Plaza Cardiff.