Hair the musical review by Melissa Compton


Hair the Musical is now in it’s 50th Anniversary as the tour stops at New Theatre, Cardiff for five days.

The show is a high energy dance filled delight.  Set in 1967, it follows the lives of a group of teenagers in an East village in New York.   The show is known for pushing against the boundaries of authority and society in 1967 and the modern offering does not disappoint.  The show tackles the issue of being drafted into the army by focusing on the story of one character ‘Claude’ played by Paul Wilkins.  The show promotes free love, sexual liberation and freedom in general, while challenging authority figures such as the government, headteachers and parents.   There is an early scene of partial nudity when a ‘Berger’ a central character played by Jake Quickenden rips off his pants (the same character is also topless for a large part of the show.  And towards the middle of the show there is a scene of full nudity involving all cast members excluding the band.  Initially the cast members are nude in smoke, but then they step into the light of centre stage, this was taken in the light-hearted way the show presents itself throughout.  The upbeat songs and dances along with a cast full of powerful singing voices ensures the show reflects an upbeat atmosphere and holds the audience’s attention.  With Musical numbers such as ‘Aquarius’ and Electric blues and an exploration of issues of mixed-race relationships, pregnancy and peaceful protest there is something for everyone in this lively musical.  Aiesha Pease who played ‘Dionne’ gave a particularity impressive and powerful vocal performance.

The high spot of the show was the end when certain audience members were invited on stage to dance and the full cast performed a musical number called ‘Hippy Love’ which was a crowd pleaser.

HAIR – The Musical is at New Theatre, Cardiff from 15-20 April.


Reviewed by Melissa Compton