Healthy Homes For Young People In Wales


Foster Carers Sarah & Martin


Young people in Foster Care are in need of homes and families that will make them feel safe, nurtured and respected.

The number of Foster Carers need in Wales has increased from 500 last year to 550 this year. Welsh Fostering Agency Calon Cymru Fostering is campaigning to find Foster Carers that can provide healthy homes for the rising number of young people coming into care.

Young people are placed into care for numerous reasons at no fault of their own. Sometimes a family member becomes unwell and they have no one to care for them, sometimes it is because they lived in an abusive home.

Foster Carers like Sarah and Martin from Calon Cymru Fostering have dedicated their lives and home in Llanelli to providing a healthy home environment for young people. With 8 years fostering experience, we asked them to share with us the joys and rewards of fostering children: “We have watched them personally develop and grow. Leaving our home, going into college, developing friendships groups and moving forward. I think that has been really rewarding.”

After spending some time with Sarah and Martin we learned that living in a healthy home is more than eating healthy and exercising, it’s about ‘positive relationships, feeling listened to and respected, being safe and being loved’.  Martin also added, “The relationship between our own children and fostered children has been quite a fantastic journey. It’s one that’s blossomed and bloomed. The integration between our grandchildren, my daughters … it’s absolutely fabulous.”

If you feel that this is the type of environment that you could provide for a young person in care, then to get into contact with Calon Cymru Fostering. So long as you have a spare room, are willing to take on the training the agency will provide you with and are truly passionate about providing a healthy home, then you could be on your way to improving a young person’s future.

Visit for more information or call them on 029 2081 1173.