Heart Research UK Healthy tip – Keeping Healthy After Easter


Keeping Healthy After Easter

The Easter weekend marks the end of Lent, along with the exchange of chocolate eggs with family and friends. It is therefore easy to see why it may be hard to maintain good habits both during and following the Easter weekend, as many of us tuck into the chocolate we have received and begin to once again enjoy what we gave up over Lent.

Yet research indicates that it can take around 66 days to develop a long-term habit and therefore the 40 day Lent period offers a great base for developing a positive life-long habit. With this in mind, here are some tips for doing just that:

Allow Yourself Occasional Indulgences
It’s easy to feel disheartened when we relapse from a positive habit but creating a positive relationship with food is all about moderation and therefore the occasional indulgences shouldn’t be seen as a problem

Return to Your Habit As Soon as Possible

The longer we maintain a habit, the more ‘ingrained’ it becomes. If we are able to return to our habit straight away, we are more likely to continue it going forwards

Consider What Worked for You

Everyone is different and therefore the method used for creating a long-term habit will be different for everyone. Think about what led to your success over Lent, perhaps it was planning and preparation, changing your environment or taking on the challenge with a friend.


Use Up Spare Chocolate

Perhaps you would like to continue to eat healthily following the Easter Break, but you just have too much chocolate left over! Visit Heart Research UK’s  website for ideas on how you can use up that spare chocolate, or perhaps consider giving it away.

Think Rationally

Sometimes, our thinking patterns can work against us and we can start to think things like ‘I’ve ruined it now’ or ‘there’s no point carrying on’. Consider if these kinds of thoughts are helpful or rational and challenge them, as sometimes this can be the difference between maintaining and relapsing.