1. Choose your destination together

Involving your teen in choosing your destination ensures that both parents and teens have the chance to enjoy different aspects of the trip


  1. Give your teenager a budget

Give your teen an allowance for the holiday to give them the independence they crave then let them keep what they don’t spend at the end of the trip.


  1. Don’t force them to go without internet

Plan to visit a destination that has some Wi-Fi facilities. It’s unrealistic to expect teens to go completely offline for a whole week


  1. Be flexible and allow for downtime

Just because you want to go for a hike along the coastline doesn’t mean your teen does. Allow for some rest and relaxation time during your trip


  1. Make sure your chosen destination has activities that are suitable for teens

Look for engaging activities like canoeing, volleyball, paintballing and ten-pin bowling



TEENS aren’t always easy to please as they look to spread their wings and search for independence, especially when on holiday.


No longer do they wish to be tied to their parents and have reached the age where kids clubs simply don’t fit the bill.


One way to tackle this and avoid boring your teens is to opt for a city break, combined with a stay in a park that offers a great pool and lots of sporting activities so they can truly experience the best of both worlds – and no time to get bored!


Holiday parks provide the perfect setting that allow teenagers the freedom to roam, explore and make friends in a safe environment.


There are a selection of great parks from Al Fresco Holidays that offer not only family friendly accommodation and great service, but also act as the perfect base for amazing city breaks:


Norcenni Girasol Club – Tuscany, Italy


For sightseers looking to explore Italy’s stunning towns such as Florence and Siena, this park is the perfect base. Florence’s quaintness and manageable size makes it an ideal city for families to explore.


Fashion-obsessed teens are sure to love the Ferragamo flagship store and museum in the district of Via Tornauoni – a haven for any budding fashionista! With active teens we recommend a bike tour of the city, which provides a unique and fun way to explore the city as well as get a little exercise!


Vilanova Park – Costa Dorada, Spain


With vibrant Sitges, PortAventura theme park and even Barcelona only a short trip by public transport, there’s plenty to keep everyone amused at Vilanova Park. Barcelona, offers much to explore, from 4km of sandy beaches to historical and architectural delights such as the Parc Güell with its lush gardens and beautiful pavilions.


Vilanova Park is a large and lively campsite offering plenty of activities for the whole family. There’s sports, an indoor spa, a children’s club and live shows to name but a few, as well as a bar and restaurant.


Esterel – Côte D’Azur, France


Visit this park to get to know the hotspots and hidden gems of France located close to the beautiful cities Nice and Cannes.


These stunning cities offer a sophisticated level of urban cool, making them an attractive option for teens. There are lots to do on park too; relax at the stunning pool complex or enjoy the themed entertainment.


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