How To Hack Your Home – On Tour!


‘How to hack your home’ family science show from the Royal Institution

A revolution is happening. Across the world people are taking control of the devices we use every day, customising them, creating new things and using the sparks of their imagination to change the world. Now it’s your turn, and you can start with the things around you. Following the popular ‘How to Hack your Home’ 2014

CHRISTMAS prof danielle georgeLECTURES series on BBC Four, electrical and electronics engineer Danielle George will show you how to use modern tools and technologies with things from your home to have fun and make a difference to the world around you.

Join us in Cardiff at the National Museum on Monday 13 March for this exciting one-off event for all ages!

prof danielle george 2



This show is produced by the historic science charity the Royal Institution who have been dedicated to sharing the wonders and applications of science for over 200 years and is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering. It will take place at National Museum Cardiff’s Reardon Smith Theatre, Cardiff CF10 3NP from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.


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