Hundreds of Wales residents enjoy free music lessons


On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March, hundreds of residents from Wales took part in the UK’s annual Learn to Play Day event.

Organised by the charity Music for All, people of all ages visited music venues, schools, and stores across the county, to try their hand at a new skill and take advantage of the free music lessons available.

In Wales, participating venues included PMT Cardiff, Spider Music Ltd in Swansea and Pencerdd Music in Penarth, who partnered with leading brands such as Fender, Yamaha, Casio, Korg, and Orange Amps, to enable participants to try a variety of musical instruments.

The purpose of the annual Learn to Play Day weekend – supported by Music for All’s patron, Jools Holland OBE, and supported by the Musicians’ Union, the ‘Take It Away’ scheme and Making Music – is to give everyone the opportunity to pick up and play a musical instrument. While some of the attendees had never played before, others hadn’t since childhood so were rediscovering the joys of playing.

In Wales, hundreds of lessons were given across the weekend with Jake Marray from Professional Music Technology (PMT) Cardiff, one of the venues that participated, saying:

“We were delighted to have so many budding musicians in our store for this year’s Learn To Play Day weekend. It’s great to see there is still such an appetite for beginners picking up an instrument. A huge thanks to Rocksteady Music School as well as all of our local tutors who helped deliver lessons.”

Nationally, since its inception eight years ago, the Learn to Play Day initiative has now offered close to 100,000 free lessons, with a record 10,000 plus lessons being held at the 2019 event last weekend.

“I think the reason this initiative is so successful across the UK is because no matter our age, background, or lifestyle, music is the one thing that brings everyone together,” said Paul McManus, CEO at Music for All.

“There are so many scenarios that we see over the Learn to Play Day weekend: Parents recalling their own schools days and introducing their children to the joys of playing; teenagers who want to start a band; newly retired adults coming to us saying they always wanted to learn an instrument but never had the time; even old rockers now working in the corporate world wanting to return to ‘good old days’ at the weekend by picking up the guitar. No matter what – everyone has a story when it comes to music and our goal is to simply ignite, or re-ignite, that passion and joy that playing an instrument brings.”

Paul concluded: “Events such as Learn to Play Day wouldn’t be the success they are though without the help of our partners and the hundreds of venues, teachers and schools across the country that take part, so a big thank you to everyone. I hope from the public’s perspective that everyone who participated enjoyed their learning experience and continues to follow their passion for years to come.”

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