Installing solar panels is a great way to do something about climate change. Not only is it displacing dirty fossil fuels, cleaning up the air and saving on bills, powering away for up to 35 years, it’s a real investment for our future generations.


Solar PV remains one of the best ways we can tackle the effects of climate change and air pollution. It has become the cheapest form of energy for small scale generators and nearly every building has potential for solar.

It is a guaranteed way to save on your bills, using your own clean solar generated power. This displaces the need for grid energy, so as well as savings, you are reducing the need for fossil fuel generation. That means less CO2 in the atmosphere and cleaner air to breathe.  A typical residential solar pv system is equivalent to planting hundreds of trees.

Adding battery storage gives you have solar energy for later use; and with emergency backup, your solar power gives you peace of mind. The Grid infrastructure is playing catch-up, so owning your own little power station could prove beneficial.

In addition, we are now firmly on the road to the electric vehicle transition, so your solar power effectively becomes a fuel supply.

With the cost of solar panels so low, homeowners and business owners should make an enquiry, even if they have previously. Solar will more than just pay for itself because you will have the satisfaction of knowing that every day for the next few decades you will be generating clean energy.

Get in touch with us at Urban Solar and we’ll give honest and straightforward advice on whether solar pv will work for you. Based in Cardiff and soon entering our 10th year trading, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality service.


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