Its Absolutely Sandalous weather!


Everyone neglects their feet and then panic once it’s summer time! Flip flops and sandals aren’t very forgiving for women and men.

Clip your toe nails with a toe nail clipper, taking time to do it in chunks to avoid snapping the nail. Use a rough emery file to smooth the edges of nail.  Give your feet a soak in warm water, it doesn’t need to be a pedicure bowl but best ask before you use the kitchen bowl! You can add a sprig of mint or lavender to the water. Once they have had a soak you can use a pumice or a hard skin remover to take off hard skin. Concentrate on the areas that need it most. You can make your own foot scrub using Olive Oil, sugar and add other naturally soothing ingredients like honey or lavender. This will stimulate the blood flow, slough off dead skin and freshen up your feet.Once dried thoroughly, you can moisturise the feet using a foot cream or try a coat of Sudocream. This babies nappy cream is a secret tool against hard skin and cracked heels….

Sandal ready in next to no time……. Or alternatively visit a Beauty Therapist for a treatment that can include Callus peel, massage, cuticle removal, gel varnish and more for a top toe bit of luxury!!!!!!

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