Yipeee, I actually have a ‘reasonable’ excuse to put on a few pounds this week… The whole saying; ‘I’m going to get fit ’ starts EVERY Monday in my books (agreed?) BUT this week it didn’t. To me this week is like Easter- you purchase every type of Easter egg, using excuses like;

-‘But I have to get it…. it’s my favourite Chocolate’

-‘Wow, the packaging looks so cool’

-‘I may as well pick one up for EVERY family member- I’m generous of course…..’

-‘Oooo this one comes with a free mug…’

AND then of course, they all end up going somewhere…. In this case- My belly!


So, don’t worry I’m letting you off this week…..We’ll just start again next Monday 😉

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My nephew is loving it….


jodies nephew