Jaziea Farag releases a children’s book My Birthmark and Me


Growing up in Cardiff, my appreciation for the vibrant tapestry of people, cultures, and ideas has always been profound. However, both as a child and later as a teacher, I couldn’t ignore the glaring absence of positive protagonists from Global Majority backgrounds in children’s literature. Searching for books that mirrored the experiences of myself or the children in my class often left me disappointed, especially in the absence of a black girl as the central character, particularly within a Welsh context.

Faced with this gap, I took matters into my own hands, crafting stories that reflected the diversity I longed to see. It never occurred to me that there might be other educators and children seeking positive representation as well. Understanding the impact of the saying “you can’t be what you can’t see,” I initially doubted the possibility of becoming an author. The prevalent image of authors being predominantly white led me to keep my compilation of stories tucked away in scrapbooks.



Everything changed when I stumbled upon the AwDuRaproject, which actively sought entries from authors of minoritized groups. This opportunity ignited a newfound belief in my ability to contribute to the world of literature. My debut book, recently published, revolves around a girl from Cardiff embracing her birthmark. Throughout the picture book, she harnesses the power of her imagination to foster self-acceptance.





As both my children and I bear birthmarks, I find joy in creating characters that I never encountered in my own childhood. My aim is to support children in loving themselves and understanding their friends, even if they are not directly affected. I envision my book not only evoking laughter and engaging children with its rhythms and rhymes but also sparking conversations. Ultimately, I aspire to convey the message that every child is unique, and embracing that uniqueness is a source of strength and beauty.


The book is paperback and can be purchased through Amazon.