So what’s on trend in 2018?

I always hate this question as I cannot give just one answer, as there are normally around 10 trends at one time that are becoming popular.

So let’s have a look into a few options shall we…

Ice Cream Pastels;

So we are not just saying hello to Blush pink but also her other mates such as Minty Green, Perfect peach and Powder Blue.

Mix these altogether and you can create the perfect Knickerbocker glory sundae in either your kitchen or more casual living space. If you worry that this trend may have you feeling a bit sick and you would rather stay with your classic trusty Rum N Raisin or vanilla wall colour then this is also fine too.


Black and white, don’t think I really need to say anymore on this one really.

Ok well I can as this will never go out of fashion or get boring and works with every colour. It’s easy to add to if you feel a bit of a zing coming on and fancy a burst of colour.

Monochrome diagonal wallpapers are set to be a big thing this year, so think herringbone and chunky chevrons. Being such a dramatic look, you can reduce it down to a back wall behind the toilet in a cloakroom or an off set strip down one wall in your living room. Cost effective and also very effective.

Navajo Nation;

This ethnic desert like feel in your living room trend is probably going to be one of my favourites for this summer. Again this is a very lovable trend that can be incorporated in smaller pieces of furniture, E.g., footstools, Cushions or a lovely Berber Rug.

If you’ve already got Teal or Petrol blues in your living room then it’s easy to just update with splashes of Orange and accents of pinks.

A great fabric collection to look at for this look is Style Library’s, Harlequin range and newest collection which includes the fabric book Zapara.

I will definitely be displaying the Bora design somewhere in our shop.

Moody Tropical Prints;

Yes these are still around for a little longer but growing up, slightly. So meet the teenage tropical print, it’s darker and moodier and doesn’t know if it wants to brighten your home or be that little bit more emotional and on edge.

This is actually a more liveable print for me personally and will slot in nicely with these more earthy tones. Add dark browns and blacks with these softer emerald and mossy greens and don’t forget some real plants to bring some life into your space.

Library Shelving;

Take it to the ceiling!

Floor to ceiling shelving will keep your eye concentrated on the height of the room or make a room feel deceptively higher.

It cleans away a lot of hoarded books and makes you look really intelligent.

I have recommended these for storage ideas for clients that just need to either create more colour in a very white space or to free up some storage.

This is a brilliant idea for keeping your books in an area that you may be more likely to read from but also great aesthetically too.

Gen Z yellow…also known as the new millennial pink; So this colour is huge In almost all sectors of the trend world.

Fashion and beauty get the first hit and then it comes along to Interiors.

I’m not sure how long this colour will be around but you can definitely see it working with a lot of other colours. It’s almost a buttercup kind of yellow. It has some softness and warmth to it so doesn’t feel too harsh to play around with.


Throw out your lovely Brass and copper taps that have just been fitted in your lovely new kitchen or bathroom as polished chrome is coming back!

Okay so don’t really do this as that would be a bit daft, but maybe think of a floor lamp or a few ornaments to incorporate. I’m a fan of mixing metals but I have to admit that my favourite metal tones that I think will always stand the test of time are Brass and Golds.



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