Karis through to the live show on THE VOICE tonight




karis thomas

How do you feel about getting through to the live show on Saturday?

Quite nervous but really looking forward to it. I’m excited just to get out there and do it and make the most of my time on The Voice


Has your confidence grown because you’ve come across as quite shy?

It’s overwhelming but ive started to get the hang of things and i’m just trying to enjoy myself.


How do you feel going from living in the Valleys to staying in London?

It’s very different to back home. I’m really enjoying it though.


Would you like to live in London permanently?

If I had a choice i’d prefer to live in a hot country but there are more opportunities in London so I would move there with my little girl.


Do you get to see your daughter often?

Haven’t seen my daughter for a week so really missing her. But she’s the reason I’m doing it.


How old is your daughter?

She’s 17 months


So she’s not speaking yet?

Karis laughs, yes she does speak


Can she sing like you?

She tries to sing over me


Have you had voice training or have you always been able sing?

I’ve never had a singing lesson or any voice training in my life. Go Karis!


Your voice reminds us of a young Amy Winehouse, would you compare yourself to anyone?

Lots of people have compared my voice to Amy and it’s a compliment. I’m not trying to copy anyone though, I just want to be myself.


Who is your inspiration when you sing?

With lots of emotion Karis replies, my little girl.


What is Rita like to work with?

She’s an amazing coach. She gives me good advice and she makes me feel better about myself.


Do you have other ambitions in life as well as becoming a successful recording artist?

No I just want to sing.


Does your tattoo on your arm have any meaning to it?

I love tattoo’s, it’s a way to express myself. I love music so the tattoo’s have been designed with this in mind. It has a microphone and a key note included in it. I also have another near my rib cage of a musical note.


Are you fed up of being interviewed?

Not really, it’s good to get myself out there and I’m getting used to the questions.


Not only does she have an amazing voice but she also has a great personality to go with it. We wish Karis well in the lives tonight. #goteamrita