Ken Picton Goes Green


Ken Picton has partnered with local plant boutique, Florist 64, to give his salon a green makeover. The salon, located in the luxurious Mermaid Quay development in Cardiff, is now a serene, plant-filled haven – packed full of feel-good, gorgeous greenery.

“The salon experience as clients know it is understandably rather different now,” says Ken. “With some of the little luxuries that make an appointment special currently on hold owing to social distancing and safety. We wanted to ensure that our clients were still enjoying a really special experience, so looked for ways that their salon visit could be enhanced sensorially. Having fresh, living greenery throughout the salon really lifts everyone’s mood, and has a calming, positive impact on the workplace.”

In fact, having living plants in a workspace doesn’t just create a zen atmosphere – studies have found that having greenery increases productivity, improves mental wellbeing and helps with humidity and oxygenation for an overall healthier, happier space.

With Ken’s salon spanning some 6,500 square feet in Cardiff’s popular quayside, there was a lot of space to fill with flora and fauna. Ken worked closely with Julian at Florist 64 in Penarth to ensure that the design and layout of their new green additions worked for every space, both in terms of visuals and for the health and longevity of the plants.

“It was important for us to work with a local business,” says Ken. “Everyone has faced a challenging time recently and partnering with a fellow independent brand is great for both of us. We’ve worked with the florists before and always loved their work, so it made sense to partner with them again for this project. With their help, we’ve created a gorgeous collection of plants that really make a visual impact and will also – hopefully! – provide a long-lasting positive impact on the salon environment.”