Sofaworks reveals Wales is a nation of TV dinner lovers


Today a study by YouGov* for Sofaworks reveals that Wales is a nation of TV dinner lovers, with a massive 63% of Welsh people regularly eating meals on their laps.  Just less than (23%) would need to find a new place to eat if they didn’t have a sofa.


The new research uncovers the trend of eating from the comfort from the sofa. One in three people in Wales eat on their laps once a day, and 14% eat in front of the TV more than once a day.


Sofaworks CEO Jason Tyldesley says: ‘Mealtimes are no longer regularly taking place at the table. Due to increasingly hectic lifestyles, we are eating breakfast on the go and lunch at our desks, so it’s no wonder we’re also embracing dinner and snacks in front of the telly. Rather than the kitchen table, the sofa is now seen as the real hub of the home and more than half (58%) say a house simply wouldn’t feel like a home without one.’


The Sofaworks’ research is detailed in the Uncovering the Heart of the Home Lifestyle report which uncovers just how much we love and use our sofas.  The days of gathering round the kitchen table are gone, and the sofa is now the place where we spend most of our quality time in the home, according to 63 per cent of the nation. One in five say the sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the home, compared to just 6 per cent listing the kitchen or dining room table.


And we’re not just embracing TV dinners on our sofas. One in five people often work from their sofa, 64 per cent surf the web from the comfort of their sofa and a third spend time with their pets there.


*A nationwide YouGov study for Sofaworks that questioned over 4,000 people nationwide