By Natalia Mavromoustaki 

Hanatalia mavromoustakive you ever found yourself standing in front of a mirror looking at yourself with lots of words spinning around in your head? Words like “ugly”, “fat” and “spotty skin”. I am sure that some of you reading this will be familiar with this scenario. This is a very common thing that many women face every day regardless of age. Before you continue reading this article take a few minutes to analyse the reason why you may be feeling like this and what triggers off these thoughts in your head.

Studies have shown that 91% of women are unhappy with the way they look, and feel that dieting, fake tan, eyelashes, hair etc is the key to beauty and happiness. The question here is WHY?
It is apparent that in the UK the way women were once expected to look has changed very much, and that is mostly based on body size. Dr. Diedrich from the UWE found that social media affects very much how people perceive themselves – that models, TV ads and photo-shoots increase the insecurities of women.

As a model myself, having worked for many big magazines, and being the Beauty title winner of Face of the Globe Wales 2016, I have seen how photos are processed in order to change the way you look to fit the concept of the photo-shoot or TV advert.  Many women do not realise this and long to have the ‘perfect’ look that they see in magazines. What they do not realise is the very big impact that Photoshop has on our looks, and that everything can be transformed – from nose size and eye colour to body size and shape.

I think the most important thing for women to remember is that there is only one of you in this world, that makes you unique and special, and that inner beauty is far more important than our appearance. No computer can process our heart and soul. Appearance will one day fade away, but a good heart will keep you beautiful forever.