Local photographer captures Cardiff’s creative’s


“Capturing our true self behind closed doors”

A CARDIFF Photographer captures creative individuals behind closed doors in her new ‘My Favourite Room’ project.

From comedian Dan Mitchell to Fizzi Events Co-Creator Adam Whitmore, LCN Photography has captured a side of these individuals that not many people get to see.

LCN Photography, also known as Laura C Nott is Wales’s new photographer established in people photography.


Laura says;

“‘My Favourite Room’ captures our true self behind closed doors – it’s our comfortable surrounding.

“From ‘this is where I find myself – my haven’ to ‘I can shut that door and shut out the world’ – each individual had their own feelings about their space.

“When we’re in our favourite room we become ourselves; relaxed, content, comfortable, and this was certainly true for the individuals I captured.

“The viewers of these images can relate to the individuals, maybe even see themselves, as they recognise items and begin to unravel the character of the person in the image.”


Do you have a favourite room? How do you feel within that space? Take a deeper look at LCN Photography’s images and see if you can unravel the character and relate to them.

The ‘My Favourite Room’ selection can be viewed on LCN Photography’s website www.lcnphotography.com.

LCN Photography specialises in portraits, events and wedding photography. She is based in Cardiff and travels UK-wide.

LCN Photography can be contacted at [email protected] or on 07752 298359