Local Photographer Laura Klonowski


Hi my name is Laura I am 20 and I am from South Wales.
I first started getting into photography when I was a young child snapping photo’s of family pet’s
and family members etc.  Then as I got older I started to take it more seriously investing in a good camera and taking landscape photography.

I like the work of Ansel Adams and I hope my work can one day be as good as his. I also like the work of renowned celebrity photographers Rankin and Mariano Vivanco I like the way they shoot their portrait’s.  Portrait photography is something I would like to get into in the future but in the meantime I am focusing on landscape photography.

I have had my work published in the South Wales Echo and have also had my work displayed at the Pontypridd Museum. 

I would like to do a photography exhibition in the future.  Along with photography I also enjoy writing lyrics I would love to make a successful career out of both my passions.

I hope to get more of my photography published in the future and win photography competitions to get my name out there.
My favourite way of shooting photography is outside in the natural light as I believe the results are more natural and organic.
Also you don’t need an expensive camera or equipment if shooting outside as the natural light makes it easier to capture what you are seeing with your naked eye.

You can view my photography at

I hope you all enjoy my my photography I hope to upload more shots soon.
Please feel free to leave any comments you may have.