Local Scout Group Campaigns for their Forever Home in Llandaff North


A local Llandaff North Scout Group are currently fighting to keep their hall from being sold – a feat that will not earn them a badge but a home for their treasured community.

Scouts provides many services and activities for young people in Cardiff, from survival and camping skills to First Aid. But lately this group in particular has been channeling their energy into fundraising quizzes and bake sales in order to raise funds for their beloved hall.

scout group 2

04/06/2016 Pics (C) Huw John, Cardiff. Hamleys Cardiff, were taken over by 2nd Llandaff Scouts to raise funds

Group Scout Leader, Abbie Gibbins said:

“A little over a year ago, we (my Scout Group 2nd Llandaff) were given notice that we had to leave our hall as the land was being sold. As a determined group we decided that we would stay and fight to raise the money to give our Group a forever home. Since then we have now secured over £150,000 towards that target. An incredible achievement in less than 12 months for a team of volunteers.

We have litter picked, baked cakes, cycled, bucket collected, baked more cakes, made tea and coffee, held jumble sales, demonstrated toys and baked more cakes. We have put hundreds of hours of volunteer time into our fundraising efforts. We have now just a few months left to raise the remaining funds and launched a new Crowdfunder site.

Please check out the site and video (again delivered by another volunteer) ….we have some very high profile supporters. As well as money though, what we really need help with is publicity…….please help us to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. We need as many people as possible to visit Crowdfunder! Please share with your contacts, we offer such valuable skills and support to our young people, we simply must be able to continue in our current location.”

Though the Scouts’ offer to buy the Christchurch URC building has been accepted, the campaign to raise money to both buy and maintain this forever home is ongoing.

If you wish to follow and support the campaign, please visit the group’s social media pages:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/2ndLlandaffScoutGroup/

Group Website: www.2ndllandaffscouts.com

Crowdfunder Site: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-2nd-llandaff-scout-group