Three gives away phone chargers at Churchill Way bus stop

Great news for hapless phone-owners – Three is dispensing free portable chargers via twitter-powered vending machines at Churchill Way, close to the rail station, from today. People can now play games, watch films, chat on the phone and text their mates while they wait without the worry of the dreaded low battery warning.

The twitter-powered vending machine installed at Churchill Way surprised unsuspecting commuters today, when they received a text message to alert them to tweet the bus stop in question in order to receive their free charger.

This battery-boosting giveaway is part of Three’s mission to #makeitright for mobile users. Three’s new Make It Right campaign launched earlier this month, introducing a new lovable character called Jackson to our TV screens, who embarks on an emotion-filled journey as he transforms from downtrodden puppet to that of revolutionary leader, raising his triumphant fist as a symbol to show anything is possible.

The network is rallying the British public to take a stand and unite against network gripes – from high roaming costs to charging a premium for 4G. When stuff sucks, Three is pledging to #makeitright.

The interactive six sheets will be available in ten locations across the UK between 15th June and 28th June including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Cardiff while stocks last.