Meet BB- Our beauty and lifestyle blogger


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Social media. A subject that will forever be controversial. Since I created my first MySpace account with Dad back in 2005 (xdance-aholicx), Social Media has evolved significantly and has expanded its branches beyond reach. With the dark net, deep net and hidden web just a few clicks away… it’s not a surprise that we have a negative opinion on the subject. MySpace to Bebo to Facebook to twitter to tumblr to Instagram. As I have grown older, social media has developed. I am the generation of Social Media.


Now at 23 years young I use Facebook and Instagram daily. I know there will be readers thinking ‘get a life?!’ But I do.(insert queen emoji). We all have that VPP (Virtual Perfect Person) on Social Media that seems to live the ‘perfect’ life in the ‘perfect’ relationship with the ‘perfect’ body etc. Who’s constantly posting new pics of their ‘perfect’ selves in their super expensive garments #treatyoself (How do you afford to treat your self everyday?!). I could go on.


I was one of the VPP victims. Constantly comparing myself. Over time, Social Media depression took over my body like a virus. I wasn’t healthy. Mentally exhausted and self esteem was at an all time low.


I looked to a couple of girl friends for help and they suggested I did a bit of research. I came across a YouTuber who educated me in navigating Social Media. It was a life changing revelation for me. Initially, it was a vlog on how to use social media to your advantage.


I soon realised that I was missing the most important word in VPP. Virtual. Not real. A VPP doesn’t exist. She was an online photo album. A collection of inspirational photos of someone’s life. Its purpose to show the world and remind themselves of all the great things/people/moments in that someone’s life. I turned it around. I started filling my news feed with people and pages that inspired me. Pages and people that inspired me so much I went travelling around SE Asia alone for 7 months!


I am now currently a beauty and lifestyle blogger based here in Cardiff. I have a YouTube channel that I post makeup tutorials on and regular travel/lifestyle vlogs. My Instagram page is heavily makeup inspired with the odd pic of me and the girls on a night out! I am at my happiest living with, and not against, social media.


Social media is a thing, just as we teach our children how to ride a bike, we need to teach them how to navigate Social Media to enhance their lives. Let us be human and evolve with this beautiful world.

-BB x