Pets at Home Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Newport Road are holding a reptile workshop in store to showcase a variety of different creatures to curious customers.

On  20 and 27 August from 2pm to 3pm at Cardiff Bay and 26 August from 2pm to 3pm at Cardiff Newport Road the store team at both Pets at Home stores will allow customers to meet reptiles including snakes, bearded dragons and geckos.

Customers can choose to either just take a peek or get fully involved with feeding and holding some of the reptiles.

The workshops are a great way to learn about how to care for these types of animals. Anyone who is considering a reptile as a pet is encouraged to visit the store to talk to Pets at Home’s specially-trained reptile advisors and pick up some free information on how to care for them responsibly.

Scott Cayford, deputy store manager at Cardiff Bay, said: “A reptile workshop is a great opportunity to showcase our reptile expertise and also provide customers with the chance to learn a bit more about keeping and looking after these more unusual pets.”

Mark Smith, pet and reptile operations manager at Pets at Home, added: “Reptiles need specialist care so it’s important that anyone interested in keeping a reptile as a pet seeks plenty of advice.

“Keeping reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates is usually problem-free, as long as their preferred environmental conditions are provided for, such as the correct lighting, temperature and humidity levels, and their food is appropriate and supplemented correctly.

Pets at Home Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Newport Road stock a wide range of reptile food, as well as special homes called vivariums and accessories, to ensure that these kinds of animals get the best possible start when they get to their new homes.

For more information visit Pets at Home Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Newport Road or visit the store locator at www.petsathome.comfor contact details.