Melissa Compton Reviews: Stones in His Pockets at New Theatre.


The two-man show that is: Stones in His Pockets opened at New Theatre Cardiff, this hilariously funny show follows the story of two movie extras Jake and Charlie with bleak future’s as they discover and battle issues such as survival within Hollywood and it’s uncaring nature:  where all that matters is getting the film done.

Set in a small rural town in Ireland, a key theme is misguided character Shaun. Jake and Charlie present issues of depression and guilt. The scenes were kept short with more than enough humor to keep the show light-hearted. Played out on a set of an Irish field to the background of a clear sky. The scenes unfold as we watch Jake and Charlie find themselves and their self-confidence.

Both cast members gave brilliant performances of all the characters they played. Owen Sharpe’s performance was outstanding of Jake displaying passion and emotion in later scenes. Kevin Trainor who played Charlie delivered an excellent portrayal of depression.

With short scene’s and comical timing and dialogue makes this show enjoyable. Stones in His Pockets is a great example of Irish humour and an excellent reminder of the connection between Ireland and Hollywood film making.


Stones in His Pockets is at New Theatre Cardiff 13-15 June 2019.