Minecraft style on the go backpack Review



The new range of mini backpacks from Noisy Sauce is the perfect accessory for any little one. Made from 100% polyester and smaller than a regular rucksack at roughly 30cm in height and 24cm in width, it’s the perfect lightweight bag  to carry essentials for smaller children.

The backpack remains true to its Minecraft roots with an unmistakeable pixilated detail. Despite its ‘mini’ size there is no shortage of pockets to stash all your essentials efficiently. The backpack is finished to a high standard in terms of detail and has been produced to an amazing quality. It has also been designed immaculately in terms of practicality. In particular, there is a padded pouch which would offer extra protection for a handheld game console or iPad etc.

Overall, the Minecraft style on the go backpack is great value for money and I would recommend it to anyone with young children.

The Minecraft Mini Backpack range is available online from Noisy Sauce https://www.noisysauce.com/ for £17.99 per backpack, available in 3 vivid colours.