My Winter Survival Kit


BRRRR…its chilly outside! So, me being me, I’ve got some winter must haves that will warm you up like a good old cuppa from Tetley.

Yankee Candle:

They can be a bit pricey but the smell is phenomenal- I always contemplate tasting it they smell so good! The best thing about Yankee is how they have so many flavours based on the season. I 100% recommend placing one in your living room, they really do make it more cosy.




I am in love with whoever invented these for adults. I wore mine to death as a toddler (I refused to take it off) and aged 20, nothing seems to have changed. Nothing beats having a bubbly bath and then jumping into on of these. A toilet break however…. FREEZING!!



The dreaded Flu:

Stock up!! My mum’s old wives tale is hot water, lemon and honey…warm, body friendly and it tastes really really good! It is perfect for you lot who get tonsillitis’s every year without fail. Don’t just drink it when you’re ill though as it is great for your metabolism and skin.



Hand Warmers

You can get these for about £2 in a lot of stores – always kept by the cash desk. Keep your hands warm for a few hours if you doing tasks outside, like dog walking – and the best thing about them is that they are reusable!



Hot Chocolateeee:

With Whipped cream and marshmallows of course! When I’ve got that chocolate Craving in Winter, I always opt for one of these, cuddled up on my sofa in a blanket watching a movie – PERFECT!


I hope these perk up your Winter Blues…

Happy Testing


Jodie 🙂