MyBillBee Launches New Platform To Gift Money To Families And Individuals Struggling With Their Energy Costs


UK families and individuals struggling with their energy costs can now receive a financial gift of between £20 to £240 towards their energy bills from a new venture called MyBillBee.


MyBillBee’s mission is to help families and individuals struggling with their energy costs by distributing a financial gift towards their bills, regardless of whether they pay monthly or use a pre-pay meter. These gifts are funded from community contributions, private donations and price comparison fees paid to MyBillBee by its corporate partners.


To be considered for a MyBillBee gift, families and individuals should first register for free at Each month, the MyBillBee Payments Panel allocates financial gifts to individuals and families based on their financial circumstances and their efforts to reduce energy usage.


“Fuel poverty in the U.K. is expected to affect more than 90 percent of lone parents with two or more children, so even the smallest financial gift can make the difference between heating or eating,” said a spokesperson for MyBillBee.


Energy costs have soared as the conflict in Ukraine has reduced supplies of Russian gas to the energy markets. The UK government says that the bill for a typical dual-fuel household is expected to increase dramatically over the next 12 months.


For more information about MyBillBee or to register for free, visit Donors can also contribute via the website.