‘Name-blind’ CV service launched for women and ethnic minorities


Half a million female and ethnic minority job seekers ignored


  • Nottx.com launches this week to champion their case
  • Backs Government’s ‘name-blind’ CV initiative
  • A resource for ethical hirers and recruiters


JANUARY 27, 2016 – Almost a half a million female and ethnic minority jobseekers in the finance and IT sectors1 will not be considered for roles this year purely because of the name on their CV, according to Nottx.com, the UK’s only ‘name-blind’ headhunting platform.

The service is applicable to any job applicant, regardless of gender or ethnicity, who wants to work in a diverse workplace, but is especially useful to talented female and ethnic minority job seekers. It launches in the UK and US this week and comes at a time when – even though employment in finance and IT is on the increase – the proportion of women and minorities working there has fallen2. There are also inherent barriers to progression for those already in-situ: women with supervisory responsibility in the finance sector are more likely to be promoted to supervisory posts, whereas men with supervisory responsibilities are more likely to be promoted to management3.

Nottx – which stands for ‘noticeable transactions’ that allow job applicants to be noticed purely on merit – aims to build on the drive towards ‘name-blind’ recruitment in the civil service announced by the Prime Minister late last year. At the time, he referred to the case of a black woman who had to change her name to ‘Elizabeth’ before she got any calls to interviews as ‘disgraceful’.

Nottx believes name-blind applications should be the norm. A range of studies show women and minorities are habitually discounted through explicit or inherent bias on the part of recruiters and hirers4.


Biju Menon, Founder of Nottx.com, said:

‘We are not going to change the view of employers and recruiters with an active bias, but our service will speak to those who wish to overcome their unconscious bias and ethical companies who are keen to find a pool of diverse talent. We hope to empower women and minorities who have lost confidence in the recruitment process by giving them the opportunity to be noticed completely on their own merit. With time, I hope Nottx will also appeal to any demographic that wants to work in the more diverse – and therefore more profitable – companies we are seeking to support.’

With over 10 years’ executive experience in diverse sectors including media and technology, Mr. Menon highlights that name-blind job profiles are also useful to those who want to ‘test’ the job market – ‘passive job seekers’ – without jeopardising their existing job.

Candidates can sign-up to Nottx for free and see the details of any recruiters or hirers that contact them, along with feedback from other job seekers. Hirers and recruiters, who pay an accessible monthly subscription, will need to attach a job vacancy or potential offer while contacting a candidate.

The website plans to address our nationwide skills shortage by providing an international platform for candidates to be hired entirely on merit: in addition to launching in the UK and US this week, it plans to launch in Germany later this year.