Neilson Active Holidays have created possibly the best job ever


New research has revealed just how sedentary Cardiffians are, with more than half (57 percent) admitting they spend MOST of their spare time on the sofa and do next to no exercise.

In fact, 43 percent of exhausted Cardiff adults said they love spending their weekends ‘just chilling’ after a hectic week and 56 percent admit they are a couch potato.

And while six in 10 say they feel restless if they spend the whole day in the house, the average Cardiffian will spend 16 hours every week glued to the sofa watching TV, six hours in bed aimlessly scrolling through their smartphone, and six hours napping or lying in.

Seven hours are spent pottering around the house on a weekly basis, and three whole hours will be spent sitting on their sofa staring into space and day-dreaming.

And almost a quarter (23 percent) of Cardiffians said they will ALWAYS take the lift if they have the option, rather than trudge up lots of flights of stairs.

Despite the inactivity of so many Cardiff adults’ working lives, more than one in ten (12 percent) say their dream vacation involves them spending the entire time sunbathing by the pool or on a beach, while 17 percent admitted that, for them, holidays are all about eating and drinking.

Though for 35 percent, vacations are all about sightseeing and exploring, and nearly two thirds (63 percent) of Cardiffians have argued with family and friends who only wanted to lounge around on holiday.

The data found that despite being a sedentary city, at home and when on holiday, a whopping 80 percent of Cardiff residents say that a day of activity makes them feel good to be alive.

Little wonder then, perhaps, that 37 percent would love to go on a walking holiday, while 18 percent said they’d enjoy a cycling holiday.

And 21 percent of stressed out Cardiffians would like to try scuba diving, 12 percent want to try their hand at windsurfing, and 16 percent want to master sailing on their next holiday.

On blue Monday, with this fresh research front of mind and knowing that activity is proven to improve people’s wellbeing, Neilson CEO David Taylor felt there was a job to do to help get the nation moving in 2020 and beyond.

Neilson have created possibly the best job ever, the search is on to find Neilson’s Active Ambassador for 2020, aka Chief Oomph Officer (COO), with the perks of year-round snow and beach holidays, a bundle of active kit, adrenalin-fuelled experiences AND a salary….

The package, worth up to £50,000 :

  • You choose when you want to work – work around your day job when works for you
  • And where you work: around your usual day-to-day commitments, whether this be around the school-run/your full-time job/in your kitchen or on the beach
  • You spend your time simply writing or vlogging about the active things in life you love
  • Free holidays – package includes two holidays for you and up to 3 family members – relax as hard as you like with an exhilarating range of summer and winter holidays in the Alps, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Sardinia and Spain
  • All the gear included – a new bike, a paddle board, tennis racquet, ski gear and active wear courtesy of our generous partners
  • And the idea! Free tuition including a 1-2-1 sailing lesson with an Olympian, a ski or snowboard lesson at The Snow Centre, paddle boarding on the Thames, guided bike rides and more..
  • A one-year contract
  • salary of £15,000

The competition will be judged on votes first and foremost and the level of support garnered throughout participant’s campaigns to become Neilson’s COO, with the hashtag #GetYourActiveOn key to driving awareness.

The five candidates with the highest number of public votes will then be selected for final interviews at Neilson Active Holidays HQ in April.

Applications open Monday 20th January and close on Thursday April 16th 2020.

To apply visit:

David Taylor, CEO at Neilson Active Holidays said, “Activity, inspiration, health, encouraging people to try something new or spend more time doing things you love is at the heart of what we do here at Neilson, therefore we really hope our chosen candidate to ignite some oomph with the creation of this role and look forward to this being the start of our mission in helping the UK get their oomph back.”


  1. Watching TV                                                                       16 HOURS
  2. Reading                                                                                    7 HOURS
  3. Napping                                                                                   6 HOURS
  4. Scrolling through phone in bed                                  6 HOURS
  5. Procrastinating                                                                    5 HOURS
  6. Pottering around the house                                          7 HOURS
  7. Daydreaming                                                                         3 HOURS
  8. Staring aimlessly at the computer screen             5 HOURS
  9. Generally faffing and getting nothing done         5 HOURS
  10. Standing in the shower                                                     4 HOURS