An exciting new local choral force launches this week in style with an international celebrity performance!


The ANGELICUS Chorale is an exciting new boutique choir for teenage girls born from the musical baton of legendary conductor John Hywel Williams and the creative energy of performance director Jeremy Hywel.


Launching in style this weekend at Y Ffwrnes Theatre (Saturday 16 April), ANGELICUS will join forces with internationally renowned singer Lesley Garrett for their official launch performance which is a sell-out! The exciting night will also feature Welsh Opera Star Gary Griffiths, the Hywel Reunion Chorus – all hosted by the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers.


Performances at leading concert venues

Even in its infancy, ANGELICUS already has a prestigious line-up of performances ahead with performances lined up at the House of Lords, Brangwyn Hall, St. David’s Cathedral and four performances with the international acclaimed British Sinfonietta Orchestra.


Opportunities through singing

No different to its parent choir, Llanelli’s famous and legendary Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers, ANGELICUS’ driving vision is ‘life changing experiences through singing’ – with a key focus on specialist training and education in singing and music, performance coaching and the life enhancing experiences of performing in leading concert halls, television broadcasts and with international celebrities.


Acclaimed musical and creative team

The ANGELICUS choristers are blessed with a prestigious resident musical team. Led by conductor John Hywel Williams MBE, the musical and creative team includes resident organist Huw Tregelles Williams OBE, London-based performance director Jeremy Hywel, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra percussionist Gareth Hamlin, pianist Jane Jewel with the British Sinfonietta Orchestra their preferred orchestra.


An exciting musical birth at a difficult time…

The birth and launch of Angelicus comes after a difficult time for its founders John Hywel Williams and Jeremy Hywel after the death of Jean Hywel, pianist and co-leader of the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers in a tragic car accident on leaving the concert stage with her husband John Hywel.


“The young Hywel choristers, unknown to them, have been a wonderful strength and motivation during recent sad times to us as a family and the wider ‘choir family’ and to be able to expand and build something new with young voices after such a tragic loss  is uplifting in so many ways”, said Jeremy Hywel.


Forthcoming performances… including the House of Lords

After this week’s performance with Lesley Garrett, the Angelicus choristers will join forces with the British Sinfonietta on 7th May at St Elli Parish Church for a performance of opera favourites as part of “A Night of World Opera” hosted by the Llanelli Choral Society Later in May, the chorale will give a performance at St. Mary’s Church Kidwelly on 14th May.


In June, ANGELICUS will unite with the symphonic sounds of the British Sinfonietta Orchestra, Dunvant Male Choir, Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers and television soprano Gwawr Edwards for the Llanelli’s landmark musical event, the magnificent Last Night of the Proms (4 June, Ffwrnes).


Later in June, ANGELICUS will host a black-tie society summer soiree in the beautiful surroundings of Stradey Castle as guests of the Mansel Lewis family, with music performed by ANGELICUS and the British Sinfonietta Strings Ensemble.


In the Autumn, the ANGELICUS choristers will have the exciting opportunity of performing at the House of Lords in London, St David’s Cathedral and the Brangwyn Hall Swansea.


Over the last week, ANGELICUS have been enjoying professional photoshoots and each chorister has been bestowed beautiful designer ball gowns for their stage performances.


“It’s exciting and a privilege to be part of this select singing group”, said Nikkila Thomas, a founding choristers of ANGELICUS. “The magic and energy which Mr Hywel Williams and Jeremy create is amazing. The opportunities they give us as young singers are unequalled.”



  • 16 April: Encore with Lesley Garrett (Llanelli)
  • 7 May: A Night of World Opera (Llanelli)
  • 14 May: Music of the Night (Kidwelly)
  • 4 June: Last Night of the Proms with the British Sinfoneitta (Llanelli)
  • 25 June: Music at Stradey Castle (Llanelli)
  • 15 October: St David’s Cathedral (Llanelli)
  • 26 October: House of Lords (London)
  • 3 December: Great Christmas Fantasia (Llanelli)
  • 11 December: Brangwyn Hall (Swansea)
  • 17 December: Miracle of Christmas (Llanelli)