New Music Industry Programme Launches for Young MOBO Artists in Wales


Applications are now open for a new music industry project, Honey Sessions, which launches this summer to educate, mentor and inspire young songwriters, artists and producers aged 16-26 who create Hip Hop, Rap, Grime, R’n’B and Pop Music in Wales. 

The ‘Honey Sessions’ will take place throughout August 2021, and will provide a unique opportunity for five young artists and five producers to work together to make brand new music, further their knowledge of the industry and enhance their creative portfolios by learning from a range of high profile industry professionals.

In collaboration with Forté Project, the team recognised a lack of applications from artists from Black and minority backgrounds in their previous programs and wanted to create a brand new project with emphasis on artists and producers creating MOBO – Music of Black Origin.

The ‘Honey Sessions’ has been developed in consultation with a range of industry professionals working specifically in MOBO genres in London and other cities outside of Wales. Sizwe Chitiyo, a musician and project consultant, has long felt the need for support in MOBO music in Wales:

“Young people creating music in MOBO genres have previously lacked support in many areas of the industry, ‘Honey Sessions’ has been designed to provide a platform for creativity and knowledge to those emerging musicians, as well as creating a new network of high profile industry expertise.

‘We want the Honey Sessions to provide a community with the space and the support to help them flourish!”

Not only this but unlike similar programs that exist, every single eligible applicant will receive feedback on their application and access to exclusive online workshops from industry experts in A&R, songwriting and social media expertise to help contribute to their success in the future.

Applications can be made here >>>

This project is a collaboration between Welsh music talent development programme, Forté Project and a new music industry initiative, Beacons, which supports young people in Wales to enter the music industry. It is made possible through funding from PRS Foundation for Music, Ty Cerdd and Youth Music.

Applications close Friday 31st July