NHS Handwashing guidelines recreated by Cardiff based artist Geraint Ross Evans


Royal Drawing School trained Geraint has relocated his studio from his lofty Canton warehouse to his Grangetown front room during lockdown.

Geraint says ‘As with other industries, Coronavirus has put planned exhibitions, projects and residencies on hold for me. I’m adapting the way I’m working; I usually make large scale drawings so being limited in space has temporarily altered my scale and subject. I’m using domestic experiences and public health advice as my current inspiration. I’m seizing this opportunity to experiment in new mediums. The hand drawings are made using ink and charcoal pencil. As lockdown has been extended for us in Wales, I hope I can continue to find inspiration within restriction.’

Each drawing in this series of 8 is 27 x 34 cm

Geraint is taking part in the Artist Support Pledge.

The Artist Support Pledge aims to be a self sustaining lifeline to artists across the world who have lost their livelihoods as a result of Coronavirus.  Artists post works for sale for £200 and
under using the hashtag #artistsupportpledge.  When they reach £1000 in sales, they buy another artist’s work for £200.

As of 05/05/2020 over £20 million has been generated for artists across the globe via the pledge.

Geraint Evans contact:   http://www.geraint-evans.com     instagram: @geraintevans_artist  Facebook: Geraint Ross Evans