The No Straw Stand is a  Cardiff based movement set up by Cardiff University students, attempting to get as many businesses as possible to reduce their single use plastic consumption. Straws are one of the biggest contributors to single use plastic pollution found in our oceans, with millions of straws being used and discarded in the UK every day. Once in the ocean, these straws break up into smaller micro plastics which are capable of entering the food chain.

To combat this,  the students have been approaching businesses around Cardiff asking if they would be willing to take the No Straw Stand, reducing their plastic straw use either through alternatives such as metal/glass or by withholding straws unless requested.

In the first three weeks of being officially set up, they have had three businesses take the No Straw Stand, with many others expressing interest and enthusiasm towards reducing their single use plastic consumption. The students have also been sent metal, glass and compostable straws samples to show businesses around Cardiff that alternatives to plastic are available. The No Straw Stand Facebook page now has well over 100 likes with the other social medias on Instagram and Twitter steadily growing.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the No Straw Stand movement, please get in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – @nostrawstand or by email- [email protected]