Nude Oil Painting of Janet Street-Porter from Loose Women



Caiman Griffiths from Merthyr Tydfil has hit the headlines this week after painting a nude oil painting of Janet Street-Porter.

This all came about after being inspired by his childhood hero Timmy Mallet.

Caiman tells us he’d been suffering from depression being in lockdown alone, so started watching ‘live malletts pallet’ where Timmy Mallet paints live. Caiman then had a go and sent Timmy his efforts. Caiman tells us that Timmy was great. Caiman then bought his book and Timmy sent him a card commending him on his lockdown paintings.

This lifted Caiman so he continued to paint. It really eased his mind and got him out of a dark place during lonely times. He started painting landscapes and seascapes and started selling a couple of them on Ebay. When they sold, inspired by Timmy, he started a page on Facebook, Caimans Canvas, where he showcased his paintings and started to get decent interest.

Being 41 years old and not having painted since school he was in shock at the response he was getting. Then this past week he started messing about with spoof nudes, just for a bit of fun, his first was of Pat Butcher from Eastenders which sold for £18 then one of Janet, who he’s a huge fan, which has now gone off the chart due to his painting being aired on Loose Women.  He says “I still can’t believe it made the show and I’m so chuffed Janet took it as it was meant to be taken.”

Bidding ends today so you’ll need to be quick if interested: