Ola and Coyote Ugly partner to help students get home safely



Ola, one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms, has partnered with Coyote Ugly bar in Cardiff to help students get home safely after a night out.

Ola will supply Coyote Ugly with recyclable plastic cups printed with information on how to order an Ola and claim a new user 30% discount offer for two weeks.

Coyote Ugly will first use the SunPint created cups on Monday, 23rd September to coincide with the start of Freshers’ Week and Wales v Georgia in the Rugby World Cup.

Passengers have taken more than a million rides in taxis and private hire vehicles through Ola’s ride-hailing app since the company launched in the UK a year ago, with 22% of all rides taken in the Welsh capital, analysis of Ola data reveals.

Data released by the transport technology company also shows that the most popular destination is Cardiff Central Station closely followed by the area around Coyote Ugly bar on St Mary’s Street.

Talking about the partnership, Emma Kenelm, Ola’s Chief Marketing Officer said:Cardiff has been incredibly welcoming to us and we are delighted to partner with Coyote Ugly to help students enjoy the city safely this Freshers’ Week.

“The app is incredibly easy to use and for two weeks we are offering a 30% discount on every ride for new users.”

Sean McMahon from Coyote Ugly, added:Our Freshers event is one of the biggest and most popular events in the city, run by the national promoter The Movement UK, and many of the visiting students are new to the nightlife culture. Therefore, partnering with Ola to ensure that these students have access to a safe way home after the event is paramount to us. 

As we trial this service in our Cardiff venue, we will be looking at the other cities where both Ola and Coyote Ugly operate to create a long-lasting relationship and safety for our patrons.

Ola operate in seven cities across the UK and is the only app that can be used by both black cabs and Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs), giving both drivers and riders even more choice. As part of their pledge to empower drivers, Ola offers the highest driver rates compared with competitors. This industry leading rate also enables passengers to enjoy industry-leading prices.

To encourage inclusivity for their drivers, Ola has committed to make black cab and PHV ride options equally as attractive to app users, by ensuring that they are competitively priced. Black cabs do not ‘peak’, meaning that they can be cheaper when PHVs are in high demand.