OneYou The Professional Provider of Laser Hair Removal


OneYou is a professional provider of Laser Hair Removal, located within the Dollhouse Hair and Beauty Boutique, Canton.

Treatment is solely provided by Kim Davison-Sebry, with over 11 years’ experience.  Kim prides herself on striving to get clients the very best results, using one of the most advanced medical-grade lasers for hair removal on the market, the Cynosure Elite +.

The Cynosure Elite + is two lasers in one, allowing versatility in treatment settings and safe delivery of powerful treatment for all skin types.  It is used simultaneously with a skin-cooler for client comfort.

Clients can expect to see up to a 90% reduction in dark hair growth after a full course of treatment.  For the best results, a course of at least six treatments is recommended.

Kim has kept prices competitive, offers continuity of care by being your sole Practitioner and has tried to steer away from locking clients into expensive course packages by making course discount available from blocks of just three sessions at a time.

All clients must have a Consultation and patch test to ensure suitability for treatment and to be able start their treatment utilising the most optimal treatment settings for their own individual needs.

Unlike waxing, you do not need to grow hair in between treatment and shaving is absolutely fine.  Treatment sessions are based from 4-8 weeks apart (depending on body area).

Up to 30% of hair growth can be reduced after just one session, making a big difference right from session one!

Making a booking at OneYou is easy.  Simply register online at and select a Consultation booking, or call 07531 744439.  Your medical health questionnaire link will be emailed to you upon booking and all records are stored paperlessly and securely via the software platform.

OneYou (2018) Ltd is registered with the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales to provide Laser services.

Being based within such a beautiful salon, clients can not only enjoy the results from Laser Hair Removal, but the ultimate pamper services at the same time within the Dollhouse Hair and Beauty Boutique.

OneYou has a current offer of 40% off courses until 31.12.19.  Treat yourself or a loved one by booking a Consultation today.  Due to Xmas demand, bookings booked before the end of the offer but attended in January are still eligible.