Paws for a coffee


A dog friendly coffee shop is being opened in Barry, by RNIB Cymru member April Keeble. Paws for a coffee will offer food and drinks for both dogs and their owners. April has been supported in her venture by Helen Gummet-Preece, Employment Advisor with RNIB Cymru. RNIB Cymru’s Employment service supports people to find employment, and for those with sight loss to remain in employment. Since February, the charity has supported four people into employment, and 13 people to remain in work.

The grand opening is at 2pm on Saturday 18 April, at the Esplanade, Barry.

April’s vision of a coffee shop that dog lovers can go for a coffee or snack stemmed from a visit from overseas. April says: “One day last year, I was visiting my family’s house as they had visitors from Australia, we were talking about coffee shops and their life back home, my uncle had mentioned that they have lots of dog friendly coffee shops and it was like a light went off inside me. From that moment I knew what I wanted to do.

“With so much research into running a business I was struggling with all of the forms and paperwork, I needed help and Angela suggested that I contact RNIB Cymru. I was introduced to a wonderful lady called Helen Gummet-Preece who was not only a fountain of knowledge, but full of encouragement and belief in me.    She supported me and had faith in everything I spoke to her about.

Helen helped me develop my ideas and did the reading and researching as well as contacting many other professionals on my behalf.

“That was just before Christmas, and now I am about to open up a wonderful, welcoming and exciting new business with the help of my family and friends.”