People with cancer encouraged to make Maggie’s their first stop after staying at home


People with cancer, and family and friends, who are making the first steps outside after staying at home can feel nervous and fearful, but thanks to ongoing generosity of players of People’s Postcode Lottery Maggie’s is here to help.

Samantha Holliday, Maggie’s Cardiff Centre Head, said: “If you are someone living with cancer and who has been staying at home for the last couple of months, stepping outside of your home and back into the world can seem like a huge step.

“People will be worried about the virus, but after having kept themselves inside for such a long time their self-confidence and resilience is also likely to have been impacted.

“We are here to help.  Why not make an appointment with Maggie’s for your first trip outside?

“Thanks to the continued generosity of players of People’s Postcode Lottery, as well as our other funders, we are here to talk through your worries and give you the latest information and advice in an environment which adheres to all safety guidelines while also remaining warm and welcoming.”

The impact of the coronavirus on people with cancer was discussed as part of Maggie’s first online live panel discussion event – Living with Cancer: Cancer and the Coronavirus –  delivered thanks to ongoing support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Highlights can be found here: ]

The charity has been supporting people with cancer, as well as family and friends, by phone, email and through their online community in recent weeks and will continue to support those who are shielding, and those who would rather stay at home just now, in this way.

During lockdown we have been able to offer 34,000 support sessions for people living with cancer at this difficult time.

For the moment visitors will be asked to call ahead for an appointment while social distancing, hygiene and safety measures will be in line with Government guidelines although if you are visiting the hospital anyway, please do just pop in.

Visitors such as Malita Kilgour, who made an appointment to meet with one of Maggie’s professional team.

She said: “I have felt stressed, anxious and fearful throughout lockdown.  I have not been able to see family and friends and have worried about what the coronavirus might mean for going into hospital for appointments and blood tests and yet leaving my home also made me worry.  Maggie’s makes me feel safe and like I am living once more.”

Since Maggie’s opened their first centre in 1996, the charity has developed a programme of support that is proven to help people with cancer and their loved ones take back control.

Maggie’s relies almost entirely on voluntary donations to be able to offer this high quality, professional support.

To find out more about Maggie’s please contact us on 0300 123 1801 or email [email protected]