‘Pet’ hates



So summer has ended and it is so sad! I am such nesh person and everyday for the past week I have sat in the office practically hugging an electric heater. My housemate has a vendetta with the heating too and so at home I am wearing every single item of clothing I own. On the plus side, winter is an excuse for winter shopping! I have just invested in some beautiful new bootboots!

This week I have also eaten out a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean EVERY night! I think you may have guessed by now from my previous blogs that I love food. I should become a food critic on the side, or a chef. I’ve ate a Cafe Rouge and Bella Italia the last couple of nights, both were delightful. Hayley just makes me guilty with what she likes to call her ‘diet days’ (I like to call them starvation days) and her evenings on the gym. I suppose she has got a good excuse as she is flying off to China to visit her boyfriend in 2 weeks, who is teaching there for 6 months.

The magazine is well under way – being edited, designed and put together ready to be sent off to the printers… you are in for a right whopper of a magazine this month with an amazing amount of sales and editorial people have provided for us. There are so many generous people who have asked to contribute, we can’t believe it! Thanks guys!

I feel like in blogs you should be raising issues or commenting on news. I have one little issue that I want to complain about… it’s poo! I have recently moved to Roath and since I have been here I have the misfortune to step in dog poo twice already. As I walk to work every morning I have to watch so carefully for where I walk, I think I counted it 4 times this morning. I don’t own a dog myself, or any animals for that matter… I’m  more of a baby person rather animal (which scares my boyfriend!). But yes… I think dog owners should stop being so lazy and more considerate to others… so CLEAN YOUR MESS, SHOE YOUR POO! Rant over.

If you have any issues that you need to rant about, don’t hesitate to send them to me and I can blog about them at [email protected].

Happy Reading!

Charlie xxx