‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ at New Theatre, Cardiff: The Review


Laughter roared through New Theatre as ‘The Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ tour presented it’s opening night.  Fun antics and flicking lights kept the audience thoroughly pleased and in fits of hysterics from beginning to end.

The play delivers exactly what the title suggests, it’s a show of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan where nothing goes to plan, full of collapsing stage sets, smoke, explosive electrics, and glitter all based on a set with is a revolving circle of three sets the children’s bedroom, the jolly roger boat, and the treehouse hideaway that houses Peter Pan and the lost boys in Neverland. We also see a mermaid lagoon and under the sea scenes at one point, all with hilarious consequences.

Oliver Stenton delivered an excellent and delightful performance as Robert the co-director, often entertaining the crowd while the main stage curtains are closed. Ciaran Kellgren played Johnathan the lovable rogue who plays Peter Pan with energy and charm. Romayne Andrews played Dennis the lovable actor who can’t remember his lines so must wear a head set and repeats what he hears. Even when Connor Crawford playing Chris, who plays Captain Hook, states, “Why can’t you be like this one down here, she’s been sat there for two hours and hasn’t laughed once,” the audience roar with laughter.

Including the flashing lights which extend to the lights all through the theatre, this show is an immersive experience. You’ll be too busy laughing and paying close attention for the entire performance, full of pantomime chants and singing and dancing routines combined with crazy scenes happening all around.

‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ is pure fun, fast paced stage entertainment with dazzling visual and sound effects. A pure treat that will delight its audience.

N.B: some audience members may fine the flicking lights which occur throughout the theatre uncomfortable.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is at New Theatre, Cardiff till 10 November.



By Melissa Compton