Pick up costumes and decorations for free this Halloween with OLIO


Halloween is almost here and kids will be looking forward to dressing up to go ‘trick or treating’.  However, with many parents feeling the pinch due to the rising cost of living, some may feel stressed at the idea of covering the cost of costumes and Halloween decorations.

With this in mind, we wanted to remind you of OLIO. Operating across the UK, the sharing app allows people to give away items no longer needed to those in the local neighbourhood to help out a neighbour and reduce waste.

Many of us have last year’s decorations or costumes that the kids have grown out of so why not list them on OLIO to help someone out in the neighbourhood?

As well as food and other items, items listed include Halloween costumes and decorations – all given away for FREE via the app.

The app connects neighbours with each other so they can give away, rather than throw away, spare food and other household items; and so they can lend and borrow everyday things instead of buying brand new.

Half of all food added to the app is requested within 30 minutes of posting. Half of all non-food items (toiletries, kitchen appliances, books, clothes and toys etc) are requested within 3 hours.

OLIO also has over 40,000 volunteers (“Food Waste Heroes”) who are trained members of the community. These volunteers collect unsold food from local supermarkets, canteens, quick service restaurants and more, and redistribute it to the local community via the OLIO app, thereby enabling those businesses to achieve zero food waste locations.

Visit OLIO for more information: https://olioex.com